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2021 | Sun Thisweek

Restaurateur Jensen honored in Burnsville

To ensure his attendance without betraying a surprise, the Burnsville Chamber of Commerce invited restaurant owner Doron Jensen to speak on the state of his industry at the chamber’s Small Business Week Awards Luncheon May 4.

2021 | Only In Your State

These 17 Amazing Breakfast Spots In Minnesota Help To Start Your Day Off Right

Jensen’s Cafe serves up some amazing all day breakfasts like Swedish Pancakes, Stuffed French Toast, Chipotle Benedict, and, most importantly, their Café! Caramel Roll.

2021 | Via Travelers

Best Breakfast in Minnesota [19 Epic Spots to Try]

Jensen’s Cafe is known for its amazing all-day breakfasts. Established in 2005, the cafe is in downtown Burnsville, which is now considered the Heart of the City. They certainly serve the best breakfast in Minnesota.

2019 | Experience Burnsville Minnesota

Brunch Hot Spots in Burnsville

Calling all breakfast fanatics! This is the place you’ll keep coming back to because the options are endless. Jensen’s Café offers an extensive selection of pancakes, waffles, and French toast that will make your mouth water while you read the menu.

2018 | KARE 11 SUNRISE

Sunny Side Up: Jensen’s Café in Burnsville

BURNSVILLE, Minn. – In the late 1990s, Burnsville started making plans to build its own downtown. As the plans came together, two long-time restaurants saw that the corner of Burnsville Parkway and Nicollet was available.

2015 | #MNBucketList

Jensen’s Cafe

Since it is grandparents day, as you may know, I decided that #breakfast with my grandparents at Jensen’s Cafe in Burnsville would be best for an #mnbucketlist stop. Especially since Jensen’s is brought to you by Doron Jensen, whose grandfather, Alvin Johnson started the café in Nebraska almost 70 years ago.

2016 Sun Thisweek Readers’ Choice Awards

Top 10 breakfasts in Minnesota